01. The movie we saw last night was [terrific]; you've just got to see it.
02. We went golfing with Jack, who is a [terrific] golfer, so he was able to show us how to hit the ball properly.
03. My wife had a [terrific] idea; why don't we all get together for a picnic this weekend?
04. All of a sudden, we heard a [terrific] bang, and when we went outside, we saw that two cars had been in an accident.
05. The actor looked [terrific] in his tuxedo at the awards ceremony.
06. There was a [terrific] amount of work to do, but we were able to finish it by working until midnight.
07. My friend didn't enjoy the concert, but I thought it was [terrific].
08. He thinks his work is [terrifically] important, so he ignores everything else.
09. Jerome has a [terrific] idea; why don't we all go for a hike on Saturday?
10. We had a [terrific] ski holiday at Mount Washington, and are planning to go back in a couple of months.
11. This new contract is a [terrific] opportunity for our company.
12. The movie was [terrific]. The whole family enjoyed it.
13. The storm hit the coast with [terrific] force, knocking down trees and lifting cars in the air.
14. The cars raced around the track at [terrific] speeds.
15. He put on an [terrific] show, and the crowd went wild.
16. Benjamin Britten once said that the old idea of a composer suddenly having a [terrific] idea, and sitting up all night to write it is nonsense. Night-time is for sleeping.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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